Sound field recording and reproduction and its extension to super-resolution

Shoichi Koyama (University of Tokyo)
June 03, 2016 — 10:30 — Location: Salle des séminaires du L2S (C4.01)


Physical reproduction of a sound field enables us to construct more realistic audio systems. Since large scale audio systems are becoming more feasible thanks to the recent development of acoustic sensors and transducers, this kind of technologies have attracted attention in recent years. In sound field recording and reproduction, a way to convert signals received by microphones into driving signals of loudspeakers is important. I introduce a method using wave field reconstruction (WFR) filter and its application to a real-time sound field transmission system. Since a quality of the reproduced sound field depends on intervals between array elements in current methods, a lot of microphones and loudspeakers are required to achieve highly accurate reproduction. Recent advances indicated that sparse sound field representation enables higher reproduction accuracy above the spatial Nyquist frequency when there are fewer microphones than loudspeakers, i.e., super-resolution in sound field recording and reproduction.